Z Press to Kneeling Windmill Sequence

One of my favorite strength exercises is the Z Press. Without the help from your legs, it forces you to really engage your abdominals. The straddle stance is an extra flexibility bonus.

In this sequence, I added a transition to the Kneeling Windmill to make it even more interesting.

It’s a fun one to do in a complex. I started with a very light kettlebell (8k)doing 8 reps of each exercise.  Then gradually laddered up the weight and down the reps.  Here’s my last set for a single rep of each with the 24k. (The left is a work in progress.)

This is an advanced movement. The purpose is to work on stability and control, moving slowly through the different positions. It can be very challenging if you have tightness in your hips and/or shoulders so if this is new to you, practice without a weight to be sure you have the appropriate range of motion.

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Kristen Karhio
Kristen is a former heptathlete turned kettlebell sport athlete, Certified Strength Coach (CSCS), entrepreneur and co-founder of KOR Strength in San Diego.