Coach Sets World Record [Makes History]

February 6, 2016: KOR’s very own kettlebell sport coach, Brittany van Schravendijk set a world record in long cycle! Weighing less than 63kg, Coach Britt finished her 10 minute set of 2x20k (88lbs total) Long Cycle with 69 reps. This put her on the record board, helping to set the standard for the future of women’s long cycle.  (Let’s not forget that this was after setting a National Record in 20k snatch for 154 reps at the same meet.)

KB Fit Britt on platform

Until last year, it was taboo for women to lift with two bells at most events. While men competed in double jerk and long cycle, women used a single bell so that they wouldn’t “harm their breasts”. Really??? Show me the evidence?!?!

Unafraid of these ri-DIC-ulous claims, front runner Kim Fox of Fox Fitness, took the liberty to start lifting HEAVY (2x24k) double bells anyway – doing it so well, she couldn’t be ignored.

Kim Fox Kettlebell Sport

Slowly but surely, events are allowing women to lift two bells and make history! Thanks to the OKC for taking the controversial plunge for the US!

Check out Brittany’s World Record set at the Ice Chamber’s 2016 West Coast Classic. To her left is Melissa Swanson – the best woman snatcher in North America – competing in 2x16k jerk for the first time ever. NBD.

You can check out KB Fit Britt’s blog for the list of records HERE.  Let’s see what kind of chance you have at being a World Record Holder yourself!  Since the double bell events are so new to women, there are some holes to fill on the record board.

Here I am shlepping the 12k’s around for 100 reps at a local meet:

Kristen Karhio Double long cycle

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my eyes on the 2x16k record for 73k weight class!  While the goal is to hit 90+ reps for a chance to make the record stick, the always honest Coach Britt pointed out that it is highly unlikely to hit that number on your first attempt. A girl can dream though!

Dan “The Beard” Bettcher interjected that “It’s your record until it’s not.”  So why not be the first to make your mark and be part of the movement that will change women’s kettlebell sport forever?!?!  I apologize if this is too “Girl Power” for you…wait, no I don’t!  Go get it ladies!

Team KOR’s upcoming competitions include the OKC’s Cali Open February 27th-28th and KOR’s home USAKL Bolt Ironman Meet on March 26th.

If you’re interested in competing or curious for more info, drop me a line at  We’d love to have you on the team.  All levels are welcome!

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Kristen Karhio
Kristen is a former heptathlete turned kettlebell sport athlete, Certified Strength Coach (CSCS), entrepreneur and co-founder of KOR Strength in San Diego.