5 Recovery Exercises: Post-Competition

How Do You Recover From Competition? After a long day of lifting kettlebells at the USAKL Bolt Half-Ironman Competition, I felt it was appropriate to share some of my favorite recovery exercises. These particular drills focus on mobilizing the areas of your body that get stiff from high volume kettlebell lifting. I also incorporated some stability […]

Ladies Long Cycle Too!

Ladies Long Cycle Took The Spotlight February 28th, 2016 was an epic day for the ladies long cycle. Last year, the Orange Kettlebell Club made an announcement that they would no longer have a 10 minute, single bell long cycle or jerk option for women. They decided to take the plunge and open the platform up for women to […]

Double Kettlebell Sit Up

I like this double kettlebell sit up because it forces you to use your abdominal muscles without getting any momentum from your arms or legs. Caution: loading this movement with two kettlebells can be very humbling. The challenge is to stabilize two separate weights without bending your wrists or elbows.  Take a deep breath, engage your abs and […]

Z Press to Kneeling Windmill Sequence

One of my favorite strength exercises is the Z Press. Without the help from your legs, it forces you to really engage your abdominals. The straddle stance is an extra flexibility bonus. In this sequence, I added a transition to the Kneeling Windmill to make it even more interesting. It’s a fun one to do […]

Coach Sets World Record [Makes History]

February 6, 2016: KOR’s very own kettlebell sport coach, Brittany van Schravendijk set a world record in long cycle! Weighing less than 63kg, Coach Britt finished her 10 minute set of 2x20k (88lbs total) Long Cycle with 69 reps. This put her on the record board, helping to set the standard for the future of women’s […]